Attendee Full NameAreas of interest (click here for contact details)
NIcholas CoertzeThe Garden Route
Harry RandellGlobal change, montane species, Proteaceae.
Candice DennerRestoration Ecology
Nicola du PlessisAlien invasions in Fynbos regions
Anisha DayaramEcology, vegetation
Andrew TurnerNature Conservation
Abri de BuysUnspecified
Adam Westecophysiology
Fabio VenturiUnspecified
Adriaan GroblerEcology, Evolution, Environmental History, Botany, Natural History, Conservation
Alana Duffell-CanhamOffsets, restoration, water resource management
Alan LeeOrnithology; Conservation
Nicky AllsoppEcosystem processes and dynmaincs
Amanda HayesFynbos birding
Adelaide MoolowPlant Invasion & Restorations, Fire Regime & Fynbos Diversity
Ancois de Villiersresilience; social-ecological systems; transformation
Andrea von GuntenAquatic ecosystems, conservation management in the urban environment
Andrea SchnetlerUrban conservation
Anele KumaloProtected Area Networks and Conservation Planning; Conservation management.
Megan NellRestoration, Conservation, Intact Ecosystems, Renosterveld
Alanna RebeloUnspecified
Antoinette VeldtmanEcology
AnneLise Vlokecology (all fields), restoration, stewardship, taxonomy, palaeontology
Shonese BloyBotany – hydraulics, eco-physiology
Brian MaitnerMacroecology
Bongani MnisiBiodiversity, Nature Conservation, People, Sustainable Development, Human Capital Development
Callan CohenEcology, diversity, systematics, conservation, pollination
Simcelile ChengeRemote Sensing in Ecology
Anina CoetzeePollination biology, Urban ecology, visual ecology
Chavoux LuytGeneral and human/wildlife conflict
Jerry KhaloRestoration and Rehabilitation of ecological characteristic of degraded areas
Helen TurnbullFlora and Fauna
Tshepiso MafoleGlobal change ecology
Cornelia KrugScience-policy, ecology, application and implementation of research
Christna SteynFlowers
Carlo van Tonderconsumptive utilization (harvesting of flora) and game management
Carla WoodConnection, Community and Commitment
Domitilla RaimondoFynbos Conservation
Daleen BurgerEcology
Denisha AnandCommunity driven restoration and rehabilitation of fynbos habitat
Deon van EedenRestoration ecology
David Le MaitreAlien plant invasions; impacts of invasions; fire hazard
Duduzile NgwenyaRestoration projects
Aneesa Du PlessisPollination ecology
Eugene GreylingFauna & Flora Interactions; Ecosystem ecology; Fire ecology
Elvirena CoetzeeUnspecified
Esna SwartConservation, Data Management & Collection
Gareth BoothwayBiodiversity Stewardship, Conservancies and extension support
Jolandie BothaBiodiversity, ecology, management
Karen KirkmanEnvironmental Management
Georgina Van BiljonRestoration
Glenn MoncrieffUnspecified
Heather DaltonInvasive species, PA networks, climate change, Palaeo-ecological perspectives
Henry FryeRemote sensing; community ecology
Patricia Holmesecology, invasions, restoration
Zothando HesewuRenosterveld, specifically Robertson Granite Renosterveld vegetation type.
Ismail EbrahimThreatened plant conservation
Ielhaam BassieriNaturalist, Citizen science, education
Ceinwen SmithConnecting plants, birds and people. Conservation networks and ecological corridors. Urban conservation. Education and awareness. Citizen science
Jo-Anne KingConservation
Jasper SlingsbyUnspecified
Justin BoshoffThe Fynbos Biome & future sustainability, Fynbos pollination
Sinenjongo GcinaPostfire-regeneration, geoxyles, coastal dunes,, ecology
Julia WoodBiodiversity conservation, protected area, expansion, protected area management, urban nature cosnervation
Julia GlendayUnspecified
Kay MontgomeryUnspecified
Lungile KhuzwayoRemote Sensing, Invasive alien plants
Kirsten WatsonNatural resource management, sustainable harvesting, ecological restoration, on the ground practical solutions for conservation.
Karen EslerRestoration Ecology, Social-Ecological Science
Kayla AtkinsDrought response in fynbos, restios, plant hydraulics
Kerry MareeCFR conservation
Kristen NoltingCommunity ecology, biodiversity research and conservation
Kgaugelo ShadungFire management,Alien Vegetation Management,Sustainable Environment and Development. Water Catchment Management and Stakeholder Engagement.
Leandra KnoetzeConservation, Threatened and Endangered species, Biodiversity
Leighan MossopProtected Area Management; monitoring and evaluation; resource economics
Lesley RichardsonLandscape conservation; community based conservation
Liezel van ZylUnspecified
Roderick JubaVeld management
Louise BaldwinSpecies conservation
Lindie Smith-AdaoWater resource management and conservation planning
Laurenda Van BredaEnvironment, Community involvement
Lyndre NelLandscape Ecology
Lynette MunroBiodiversity Offsetting
Louise WessselsVeldfire Management in the fynbos biome
Adele Touaconservation
Marlene LarosScience-Policy interface
Martina TreurnichtUnspecified
Matthew ZylstraCoastal Ecology, Human~Nature Connectedness
Marienne de VilliersNature conservation
Marienne de VilliersNature Conservation
Mike HenshallRehabilitation
Michelle LouwPlant ecology and conservation
Mingzhen LuFynbos biodiversity, fire, nutrients
Mitch AfrikaConservation ecology; alien clearing
Makhosazana NgwenyaConservation agriculture
Monique Du PlessisBird-plant mutualisms, sunbird pollination, fynbos
Monique RuthenbergConservation Manager – CapeNature – Hottentots Holland and Jonkershoek Nature Reserve
Nicholas GaluszynskiBiodiversity management and conservation
Ntombikayise Leago LolwaneI have just started managing a Cape Flats Sand Fynbos environment, and would like to better my knowledge in managing a Fynbos system and broaden my knowledge for possible future research projects.
Yvonne KampGeneral biodiversity
Melissa van NiekerkConservation, alien clearing
Onkemetse NtetaProtected Areas, Threatened species, Ecosystem services
Ori SegevCommunity ecology, agroecology, grazing, cattle managment
Owen DaviesRestoration Ecology and Conservation
Parusha NaidooField trips
Peni MethoCatchment management and hydrology; wetlands; hydrological modelling; boundary work
Petro BothaBiotic interactions, remote sensing, long-term monitoring, restoration
Pieter Rossouwveldfire management in the fynbos biome
Rupert KoopmanFynbos conservation, Threatened Species, Citizen Science
Roger BaileyTerrestrial resource management
Katy WilliamsFlora and fauna
Rika du PlessisRehabilitaion
Res AltweggStatistical ecology
Richard Buganhydrogeology, hydrology, monitoring and evaluation, catchment restoration, invasive alien plant management
Robert SkeltonUnspecified
Sharndre CoutriersEcological processes, interactions and functions, restoration, citizen science
Sandile MdokoBiodiversity conservation and invasive alien species management.
Sisipho NgebeApplication of Remote sensing and GIS on water, vegetation and climate related studies
Unathi SifaneloUnspecified
Sarah HulleyFynbos and stewardship
Sean BradshawInvasive species management
Steve GildenhuysFynbos generalist, Stewardship, Land Use, Restoration Ecology.
Sjirk GeertsPollination, Invasive alien plant species, restoration, renosterveld, fire
Sarah SchumannUnspecified
Samanta StelliWater conservation
stanley engelAlien Invasive vegetation management
Mike CohenEcology
Belinda ClarkWith relevance to the Fynbos Forum – Fynbos ecology and ecological condition assessment, impact management in the fynbos biome, fynbos restoration/rehabilitation
Steyn MaraisUnspecified
Suresh Babu KVWildfire, Impacts of wildfires, wildfire danger models
anthony rebeloconservation biology, restoration ecology, proteaceae, citizen science
Tanisha WilliamsBotany, Conservation, Climate Change, Ecology
Tony MarshallEnvironmental management and ecology
Monique Van ZittersRestoration Ecology, Fynbos.
Ruan VeldtmanInsect invasion, biological control, pollination services
Vernon VisserEcology, conservation
Vicki Hudsonlandscape conserrvation
Wentzel CoetzerProtected Area Networks and Conservation Planning; Citizen Science in the fynbos biome; Marine and coastal systems of the CFR; Ecological processes and ecosystem functioning; Conservation management.
AR WoodBiocontrol of alien plants. Indigenous fungi
Wynand CalitzPlant Ecology, Fire ecology, Flammability, Fynbos, Arid Ecosystems.
Yingjie Hugeospatial artificial intelligence, spatial data mining, geospatial big data