Navigating the Platform


For both pre-recorded and live presentations the following is required:
  • An external microphone
  • A high-quality external camera
  • A great source of light
  • To make the talks look consistent, the speakers need to have a plain, light-colored background. No distractions. Internet Quality of not less than 8 Mbps (upload) is needed – please go to and test it before we start. Also make sure you are connected with a cable (not wi-fi alone)
  • Please make sure the images and text on your PowerPoint would be visible for the viewer. We recommend the font size must be 20 or more.
Speaker instructions for PRE-RECORDED talks: Once you have made a booking with Vetlink, you will receive a link to the recording platform and instructions that you must use. Speaker instructions for LIVE talks:
  • For the best camera visual please make eye contact with your web cam during the most part of your presentation.
  • You will be able to share your screen from your side and present live on the platform. Their will always be a moderator with you in the room should there be any issues.
  • A test run will be scheduled before the event to familiarize you with the platform.
For enquiries contact us on