1. Active Riparian Rehabilitation in Tulbagh, Western Cape

Field trip organisers: Georgina & Johann Van Biljon
Location: Waterval, Tulbagh, Western Cape 
Price: R1050.00 per person for 2 days 
Date: 10 – 11 September  2021

We will be offering a TWO-DAY fieldtrip that is aimed at providing insight into the practical aspects of riparian rehabilitation and to undertake some basic skills in the field. We will also be looking deeper in equipping people with regards to restoring the community. More details are provided below.

  • Tour of propagation facilities, explaining propagation methods.
  • Propagation activity: making some vegetative cuttings & seed room work (processing seed etc.).
  • Tour of some of our rehabilitation sites nearby. There we will do some more practical work, like clearing of invasive plants/weeds (hand pulling of seedlings) or monitoring/maintenance of planted plants (this may change according to the sites selected and needs that arise at the time). The practical work is optional but encouraged – learning through doing!
  • Afternoon activities include: further visits to research sites and looking at different monitoring methods.
  • Then we will return to Intaba’s premises to investigating some community aspects. Tasks will be given to investigate this further.
  • There is an evening session on capacity building with Hein Wandrag at Waterval Country Lodge. (See Hein’s bio in the section on details of facilitators below).
Day two focuses on equipping and restoring people. 
tIntaba has found that rehabilitation work has as much to people, as it has to do with nature. Restoring lives is one of Intaba’s visions and we believe in giving people the opportunity to move past their issues and live a better life. Intaba has been working with two facilitators that have done amazing work with our staff and in the community over the years. Lona Odendaal specialises in life skills training and Annamarie Brits works with people with  addictions, trauma and counselling. These facilitators will be providing some basic skills to assist you with dealing with social issues that we are faced with in our society. More details on the facilitators are provided below.