Mini Book Launch

Keynote speaker

Urban Nature Conservation: People & Nature, Together?

Session 1

Wildlife winners and losers in the development of Cape Town: factors influencing medium and large mammal species richness in urban nature reserves

Natural and artificial resources for urban nectarivorous birds

The effect of artificial nectar feeders on birds and Erica visitation rate in the Cape Fynbos

Measuring the Success of Conservation Planning using The Cape Flats Core Flora Conservation Programme as a case study

Biodiversity Management Plans for Ecosystems (BMP-Es): an untapped resource for urban biodiversity conservation and management.

Special Session

Lynette Munro:  Biodiversity Offsets – Theory and Practice

Virtual Field Trip


Session 2

Using the ignition catchment concept to predict human impacts on fire

The impact of climate variation on plant flammability of an aseasonal rainfall region.

Fire management under a changing climate in the Swartberg Complex World Heritage Site

A Family in the Fynbos: A 10 year immersive ornithological experience

National Vegetation Map 2021: What to expect, and an opportunity for the Fynbos Forum to contribute to the next version

Prospects for using heated controlled atmosphere treatments as a postharvest disinfestation technique against Proteaceae phytosanitary pests

Special Session

Jesper Slingsby: EFTEON Symposium

Virtual Field Trip