Keynote speakers

Connecting local to global: the role of research networks and science-policy interfaces

Collaborating in social-ecological systems research: lessons from PECS and beyond

Session 1

Table Mountain Fund Pride Programme – Immersive experience

Communication in Conservation: Flower Valley as a Case Study

Levers for transformation in uncertainty: Operationalising inspiration, social capital and learning in landscape-based initiatives in South Africa

Cape Leopard Trust Cederberg Project – Using Environmental Education to Create Change Makers

Special Session

Finding connection, commitment and community in Covid19:

Virtual Field Trip


Session 2

The effect of altered rainfall seasonality on C4 grass establishment in Fynbos and Renosterveld in the Cape Floristic Region.

Hydraulic Segmentation assisting in tree survival post-fire

Investigating vulnerability to cavitation and mortality thresholds in Restionaceae

Local convergence in drought impacts in a diverse Southern African evergreen sclerophyll community

Individual-level leaf trait differences reduce competitive effects within and among species in Proteaceae communities

Species distribution modeling methods predict drastic distribution shifts across South Africa

Functional traits explain the Hutchinsonian niches of plant species