Connecting local to global: the role of research networks and science-policy interfaces

Humans have dramatically altered the planet; our biosphere and atmosphere are profoundly changing. Indirect and direct drivers of environmental change act across spatial and temporal scales, the drivers interact and feedback with each other. Tackling the root causes of environmental change needs coordinated action and integration across sectors and scales. Challenges related to climate change, biodiversity loss and deterioration of ecosystems, as well as achieving good quality of live for all are interconnected. They need to be addressed synergistically, from local to global levels.  

Research networks and science-society-policy interfaces can play a play a unique role in mobilising knowledge and expertise across disciplines and sectors, they are able to gather the expertise to synthesise knowledge and catalyse new research, and bridge the science-society-policy gap by facilitating the uptake of research outcomes in management, policy and decision-making. In this talk, I will introduce different networks that link researchers and stakeholders undertake to mobilise the scientific community to synthesise existing knowledge for use in assessment, to catalyse research activities that generate new knowledge to fill the knowledge gaps, and to translate the knowledge generated in assessment into decision-making.